Desperately Seeking a School Bag


Long gone are the days of backpacks with a specific pocket for my pencil case, lip balm, hand gel, water bottle etc.; however, I’ve finally admitted that my current satchel/shoulder bag is just too small for all my books and folders to take to college everyday (especially since it’s really my sister’s and I think she wants it back !) It’s time to fully embrace the long-lived phenomenon of minimalist style that I’ve been scorning for far too long. I’ve been searching online for a tote bag for a while but after saving up some money it’s definitely time to splurge on something that’ll last me until July and even through to university in September if need be ! There are only a few criteria that a college bag should fulfill: 1. It has to be big enough to fit everything (but not so big that it’s tempting to take more than I need… back ache !) 2. No long shoulder straps – I’ve finally realised how impossibly annoying they are. 3. Simple style that will go with any outfit and I won’t get bored of easily. 4. Nothing more than £40 (money doesn’t grow on trees !)


{Oasis is currently my favourite shop – closely followed by Warehouse – and I am seriously considering buying this bag. I mean… £20 !}


{This River Island tote bag – found on Asos – is sturdy but so spring-like and refreshing right now}


{This TopShop bag in all-flattering black would be near-on perfect if it weren’t for it’s price at £38}


{I’m in love with this colour and if it wasn’t so small and priced so highly at £75 I would totally buy it right now !}


{These studded bags (found here and here) are a little more decorated than what I was looking for but definitely worth thinking about at all the same}


{OK this Mulberry bag is £995 on Selfridges, but if I win the lottery I know exactly what my first purchase will be ! Pistachio is my new favourite colour (sorry coral !)}