Indulgence Sundays

Indulgence Sundays I

{This PB banana bagel was what got me out of bed at 8am this morning}

I’ve always imagined having Sunday set aside as the day where I specifically do nothing. Obviously that never actually happens as exams are looming (oh no!) so I decided to pick out a few of the things from today to share with you that made this busy day more interesting.


{Something that super amazed/super scared me this afternoon}

Mini Turtle Tealights{Miniature Turtle tea lights my sister brought back from Zante!}

Mummy's Garden

{My Mum’s arrangement outside in our front porch – and a little hedgehog}


{My best efforts at procrastination – Lana Del Rey x}


{An article on Hello Giggles that made me smile (giggle?)}

J’espère que vous avez eu une bonne semaine xx.