Spring’s Summer Pasta

Summer Pasta{Summer Pasta}

After watching this interview with Robyn Lawley the other day in which she makes her Spicy Sunset Fetuccini, I’m not going to lie, I’ve been craving it ever since. My Mum only likes to go food shopping once a week though and we didn’t have the right ingredients in the house so I sort of threw together my own version of a summery pasta dish.

Here I fried red onion and some slices of leek while I boiled some penne pasta. For me, colour is the main ingredient in any mediterranean-based meal and so I found a couple of red and yellow bell-peppers in the fridge which I added to the onions and leek. While I left it all to soften I steamed some green beans over the boiling pasta and added a handful of fresh garden peas because they are my favourite vegetable right now!


I hope you’re enjoying the nice weather too!