The 90s Blow-Dry


My hair is crazy, it’s super curly underneath and whispy on top. Totally infuriating. So I tend to blow-dry it in order to get around all the combing and straightening in the early mornings. For me, though, it always felt like a chore when the final result was just a thick mass (I don’t have many layers) and finding a way to arrange it has always been a struggle. The other day, though, I was watching Clueless and I couldn’t help admiring Alicia Silverstone’s perfect blow-dry. It got me thinking, sometimes to get around one problem (in this case a frizzy mess) you fall upon an even better solution (salon-styled hair anyone?)

I took it upon myself to find some online inspiration (purely for research purposes) and I think I have narrowed it down to my three all-time favourite advocates of this classic hairstyle:

1. Alicia Silverstone/ Cher Horowitz – it goes without saying. She sparked my interest in the forever-current blow-dry and no one will beat Alicia’s amazing golden locks from back in those Clueless days…



2. Jennie Garth/ Kelly Taylor – in her Beverly Hills, 90210 days I’m pretty sure Jennie had the greatest hair (you can take or leave the feathered fringe). It’s the casual elegance that does it for me, such a comfortable style that looks good for all occasions! …



3. Melissa Joan Hart – I seem to watch a lot of episodes of Clarissa Explains it All online these days and while I’ll admit the fashion was a little beyond the ‘acceptably experimental’ range, I do have a thing for Melissa’s simple, long, dusty blonde locks though…







And in case you were thinking I’ve gone just a bit too nostalgic, here are some ladies who pull of this look today beautifully!

Fotor051023040{The ‘Kate Middleton Flick’, Fearne Cotton’s simple bob and Eva Longoria’s elegance}