French Kitchen


Today I had scheduled in a whole day of French revision and homework – a four page essay on the book we’re studying, Oh No! But I’m not a very focused person, at least not for long periods of time. I needed to get away from my computer and do something completely thought-free (or at least that was the plan). Enter baking (only slightly influenced by watching The Great British Bakeoff on re-run yestereday). I decided to try a quiche recipe and test out a my new madeleine tin to feel as though I wasn’t completely blowing off my French studies.

I’m not a fan of pastry, as least not anymore. It doesn’t cook properly, it flakes, it puffs up when it’s not supposed to and it’s such a delicate game. I doubt I’ll try making quiches again for a while – even though the combination of asparagus and smoked salmon is absolutely divine!

Fotor051115438{Mini smoked salmon and asparagus quiches, recipe here!}

As for madeleines, they are a ‘delight’. So simple (only 6 ingredients that you basically just throw all together). Plus they were the perfect melt-in-mouth consistency on first try (beginner’s luck?). I feel like I could make them every day!


{The ‘you’ll-never-make-anything-else-again’ madeleines, recipe here!}