Patisserie Takes Some Skill…

strawberry-macaron_6 - Copy

I’ve always enjoyed making macarons because I tend to find them surprisingly easy and they’re always a crowd pleaser. I tend to stick to the chocolate-based flavours since it’s the most universal (I made these for my mum’s birthday) but on Saturday I decided to try out a strawberry kind. Even though I have a macaron recipe book that pretty much encompasses the entire spectrum, there was no specifically strawberry filling instructions so I had to wing it a bit and hope for the best. Note to self: when winging it make a small batch first so that if it’s a total disaster you haven’t made a total waste of an evening.

The macaron recipe seems complicated but once you know what you’re doing it’s actually pretty straightforward. You can find any good recipe online, really (this video tutorial is my absolute fav!) Just my one tip is DON’T OVER BEAT YOUR MIXTURE! Mine ended up ridiculously liquid and so my macarons ran and came out a bit too soft…

strawberry-macaron_6{What I had in mind}

IMG_5659edited{What I actually created…! – the colouring from the camera came out a little strange!}

Since then I’ve narrowed down my strawberry filling a little. All you need is unsalted butter, icing sugar and strawberry jam (seedless!). The quantities, however, come more down to taste. You don’t want it too sweet but to get a nice thick consistency you need quite a lot of icing sugar. For me, I’ve whittled it down to:

2 tsp strawberry jam

1 tsp butter

3 tsp icing sugar

Just whip it all together and it’s divine (so great with ice cream too!)

Hope you had a good weekend.