Food is motivation…

As college has now officially finished and I’m totally integrated into the study-leave period I’ve decided (in true Monty Python style) to seriously try and look on the bright side of life. I’m not going to lie, that’s one of the hardest things during the bleak period of revision. But with my birthday just around the corner I’m trying  not to get too stressed by what is probably the most important time of my life so far!

And let’s be honest, food is the only thing that gets you (me) through piles and piles of past papers, so I’ve compiled a small collection of what I’ve been indulging in this week…

Fotor0523191348{My friend Holly’s chocolate chip cookies… divine doesn’t cut it}

Fotor052319377{My recent obsession with healthy ice cream has stemmed into an appreciation for frozen yogurt}


{A “revision won’t kill you” gift from my Mum}

Fotor0525225510{I’m not a potato girl but this Duchess option is too pretty to turn down!}

gbkjgfnbkl{The bounty my Dad brings home from business trips to the continent}

Have a good bank holiday weekend!