Channeling Marilyn


With the death of Bert Stern last week (I truly believe that his photography isn’t acknowledged enough amongst young people these days) I was reminded of that infamous shoot he did with Marilyn Monroe in 1962. I think it was those photographs with the translucent orange scarf that really made me appreciate her beauty. There are more than enough pages online musing over the iconic style and influence of the 50s Hollywood superstar though, and I’m not going to attempt to analyse the importance of embracing an hourglass figure right here right now. I am through a train of thought, however, intrigued by Marilyn’s casual-chic style captured in many ‘rare’ photographs I’ve found on Google Images, Pinterest and Tumblr alike…


The combination of casual capris and comfortable (turtleneck!!!) jumper is an example of a really simple but flattering look that I feel is lost in today’s fashion-world. Everyone in London is so determined to be punky/edgy/indie (call it what you like!) and it just gives off the impression that they’re trying too hard.

Fotor0704220826{Left: simple outfits are sexier, Right: a higher waistline is always flattering}

Fotor0704220159{A good blouse and heels are so elegant and sophisticated}

The 1950s for me were are time of expressing rebellion and grace harmoniously in a way that seems almost effortless. I think we need to stop trying to stick to the current trend but hark back to the times when elegance was cool.

And if you’re worried that you’ll look middle-aged or frumpy in some 50s-inspired outfits then there are plenty of ways to give it a modern twist:

Fotor0704222243{Mix things up with patterned fabrics or sharpen up your look with tailored capris}


{Bright colours and/or a blazer are my personal favourites}

Fotor0704223535{Light and billowing blouses are feminine and current}

Fotor0704223836{They have even featured turtleneck on the catwalk in recent years!}


What do you think? x