Bucket List

I’ve never seen The Bucket List but I have written a fair few compilations of things I want to do over the years (especially ‘100 things to do over the summer’ ones)… My… Continue reading

Song of the Day

I needed a lot of cheering up this morning so I rolled through some old forgotten playlists on my iTunes and found this little gem. Hard-Fi – Hard to Beat   xx.

Icing Is Hard!

{Mini heart sugar cookies were the easiest way to avoid further disasters!} Today I decided to use my Ampelmann cookie cutters that I bought in Germany for the first time but I didn’t exactly anticipate… Continue reading

Desperately Seeking a School Bag

Long gone are the days of backpacks with a specific pocket for my pencil case, lip balm, hand gel, water bottle etc.; however, I’ve finally admitted that my current satchel/shoulder bag is just… Continue reading

Mash Up !

If you spend as much time on the internet as me then you’d know how much it rocks. Super rocks. Here’s the best of my week: {Super cute blonde baby Lana Del Rey}… Continue reading

Song of the Day !

Vampire Weekend – Diane Young When Zane Lowe played this song on his show a week or so ago I have to admit it was a ‘love-at-first-sight’ kind of situation. The fact that… Continue reading


I love the fact that my little sister and I share the attic floor of our house, but it does mean we have to clean everything ourselves and needless to say the place often… Continue reading

Song of the Day

Haim – Falling http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXuYPgwATck For a five minute getaway this song is so perfect for me right now. Every time I hear it on the radio I just stop what I’m doing and… Continue reading

Mash Up !

I’m a tired person. So much so that I faked a headache in front of my Mum so that I could trade in revision for a nap. I’m so tired that I’ve been… Continue reading

Song of the Day

Please Mr Postman – The Carpenters I know this song isn’t the original but it was the first version I heard way back when, and since it’s been in my head all day… Continue reading