Inspired ! – Jessica Lowndes

{This textured bed hair is really flattering on all face shapes} This 90210 starlet has been a favourite of mine since last September when I started re-watching all the old series of (in… Continue reading

Easter Kitchen

I don’t think I would have been able to get through this weekend without spending a little time (four hours to be exact) in the kitchen baking something traditional for Easter. My favourite… Continue reading

Enchanted Fashion

I love the way that inspiration can surprise you at any time and a Good Friday induced walk in Nymans Gardens this afternoon diverted my imagination. The gloomy light flecked with pockets of… Continue reading

Office Mood

{Einstein’s work desk} Our spare room also happens to be my old bedroom so I hold a kind of affinity with the place that I can’t seem to shake. That said, my parents… Continue reading

Femmes Françaises

I spend a considerable amount of time reading the fashion columns in the French magazines that my Dad brings home when he travels on the Eurostar and I knew I couldn’t resist from… Continue reading

Indulgence Sundays

I love the way that Sundays are the allotted time for you to justifiably indulge in yourself and so I have decided to post about the lighter luxuries of the best day of the week… Continue reading

Inspired ! – Marina Diamandis

There are two things Marina & The Diamonds does well… dresses and lower lashes. For me, those who can master these two tricky looks have life sorted. Her style is vintage without screaming… Continue reading

The Little Lipstick Case

I always ask myself if I could time travel to anytime, when would I choose? I’m too fickle to make a firm decision but I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to visit the… Continue reading

Oh! Spring

It’s so nearly Spring (as in tomorrow!) and I’m really desperate for the bright/pastel shades of my favourite time of year (not at all influenced by my birthday) to make a fully fledged… Continue reading

Czesc Polska !

{Desperados Chandelier in a Mexican-themed restaurant} {‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ – Auschwitz} {The Old Town at night} {White Chocolate Treats – almond, snowballs and hazelnut} {Vintage clock at a Jewish restaurant} {Pologne !} Krakow is… Continue reading