Berlin Jungle

{La crème de la crème de Berlin. Clockwise from top: tea in a tiny Potsdam café; Holocaust memorial backing onto the Reichstag; palace archway; Brandenburger Tor} {Seaside umbrellas cheering up a very cold… Continue reading

Birthday Baking

{Salted caramel is the Queen of Sweets} {Mixture of different cocoa contents melted for decorating} {After dropping the dark chocolate ones on the floor half-dipped them in more chocolate to hide any broken… Continue reading

Sweet Morning Thoughts

Whilst I’m very aware that this photo is of seriously bad quality, I like it because it pretty much exactly portrays how it felt sitting in town this morning. As my friend and I sat… Continue reading

Starting the Year in February

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and I’ve just eaten an entire malt loaf so there’s not much I can do but sit in the comfiest armchair in the lounge and watch Downton Abbey.… Continue reading